Private Practice Coaching

As a sensitive person, running a private practice has to look different for you than folks who are not sensitive. So much of the practice building advice out there may feel counter-intuitive to how we must take care of ourselves as sensitive beings.

For one, you need additional time to process everything. You need specialized support.  You must go at your own pace.  You need a plan–a very, very detailed plan.

You need to honor your natural rhythms. You must learn to recognize–and not pathologize–the natural expansion and contraction that comes with being out in the world and then needing to recharge.

Lucky for you, I’m obsessed with discovering the best way FOR YOU to be in private practice as a sensitive being.

Hone your niche and attract your ideal client

Not getting any calls? Or only getting calls from clients that aren’t within your niche? I’d love to be your niche-whisperer.  I have a unique gift of deeply seeing who you are as a professional and translating your unique essence into the words that resonate with your client.

Streamline and organize your practice

You didn’t leave agency work or a group practice to just burn yourself out in solo private practice.  We will develop sustainable systems so your practice doesn’t consume your life.

Build a purely self-pay practice – or a sustainable hybrid practice

Let’s explore which model feels best for you.  A purely self-pay practice requires different strategies than being on insurance panels. We will create and execute a plan that will help you achieve the type of practice you want, while honoring your sensitive needs.

Get comfortable with marketing and being seen

I’m no stranger to the fear of being seen. Just because you’re introverted and sensitive doesn’t mean you’re bad at marketing.  Some of the most gifted public speakers are sensitive introverts!

Just like you learned skills to be a good therapist, you can learn the skills and mindset to be more comfortable putting yourself out there.

Build a kick-ass website or give your current one a makeover

Websites are the single most important marketing tool for sensitive or introverted therapists.   We will work on the content, layout, and appearance of your website to make it most attractive to your ideal client.

Take the leap from side hustle to full time

Most folks start building their practice as a side hustle. Talk about exhausting for sensitives!  We can develop a strategic plan so that you will know exactly when and how you’ll be able to leave that soul-crushing job for good!

Develop a powerful money mindset

A strong money mindset doesn’t mean choosing profit over people. It means discovering and refining your business values so that you can run your business strategically and compassionately. Money mindset work involves looking at your money systems, tackling scarcity mindset,  and understanding any blocks holding you back from the financial goals you desire.

We will use coaching to develop an on-going and supportive relationship as your business evolves and grows.

I’m ready to build the business of my dreams.