You’re finally ready to invest in your business.

You are starting to see your value as an entrepreneur and – ultimately – the creator of your ideal life.

You ready to put your dollars towards something that can help you uplevel your business.

We will start with an exploration call for me to hear what you’re seeking.

Afterward, I will send you a personalized quote composed of the services and anticipated timeline that will best meet your needs.

I am project-focused and package-driven. 

I know that one size does not fit all.  I’ll create a personalized package that fits your unique needs.  The cost will depend on various factors – including the size and scope of the project or the level of support for coaching and cowriting.  (That’s the reason you don’t see actual numbers on here – not because I’m trying to be shady).

You can expect pricing to be based on the completion of a project.  Quotes will entail the amount of time to support the mindset shifts and skill-building that you want.

I also offer a-la-carte services, too, if you’re wanting to purchase an hour or two here and there.

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