Money Mindset Coaching

As a therapist in private practice, we have to look at our money shame.  We have to figure out systems to manage finances, set your fees, and pay ourselves a reasonable salary.  If you don’t, it hurts you, your clients, and your business.

Yet, if you’re sensitive – chances are you have some deeply ingrained beliefs and fears about money that are getting in your way of doing just that.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tackle scarcity mindset once and for all

You’re making good money, but still never seem to have enough.  You aren’t good at savings, so you say yes to every client who comes to you.  But it comes with a price.  Let’s untangle your relationship with scarcity mindset and get you back into the drivers’ seat.

Bust through the money blocks that are holding you back

Name it to tame it.  Let’s look at your money myths, where they came from, how they are holding you back.  We will develop strategies to overcome these barriers and a plan for when they may flare up in the face of stress or success.

Get a clear picture of your financial life & set smart goals

We will gather all your financial information to get a clear image of what your financial life looks like and then make empowered and informed choices about what’s next.

Learn to trust yourself with money and trust the flow of money

This is perhaps the biggest barrier faced by sensitive therapists who’ve experienced money trauma.  By looking at your underlying beliefs, developing systems to manage your finances, and having specialized support, you’ll start to learn how to trust yourself with ‘enough-ness’.

Develop an entrepreneur mindset

An entrepreneur mindset doesn’t mean choosing profit over people. It means discovering your business values and learning how to think strategically without losing your soul.

Stop losing money on late cancellations and no-shows

As therapists, we walk the fine line of maintaining a relationship with clients and trying to run a business.  I’ll teach you my fool-proof 4-step approach to charging for no-shows without feeling like an asshole.

Confidently state your fee and/or raise your fee

Your ability to state or raise your fee is the lifeblood of your business.  It’s also the aspect of our business that feels the most vulnerable, as it feels tied to your worth and shame.  We will practice and implement an empowered approach that feels authentic with who you are.

 I’m ready to make good money *AND* serve others.