Copywriting for Therapists + Healers

You can write a kick-ass research paper in a jiffy.  But a 500-word home page?  Geared to your ideal client?

No, thanks.

Well, you could write it, but…

  • You get overwhelmed when faced with a blank page.
  • You hate having to ‘sell yourself’.
  • You don’t have the skill, time, or desire to learn the nitty-gritty of copywriting.
  • You’d like to put your energy towards seeing clients and other business-building endeavors.
  • You just don’t like writing. (’nuff said.)

That’s where I come in: 

I’m a copywriter for therapists, coaches, and healers

We are a great match if: 

You’re a heart-driven helper, coach, or healer doing deep and meaningful work.
You know high quality, super-niched copy will uplevel your business.
You want to pursue business tasks you love and outsource the ones you don’t. (Like writing.)
You know the power of investing in yourself + your business.

A Bit About Me

1) I’m a therapist, too. 

I laugh at the same memes as you.  I get the same newsletters clogging my mailbox as you. (Looking at you, PESI training brochures.)  I’ve gone through internship, licensure, and agency burnout just like you.  I understand the sacred emotional journey you take with your clients.

More importantly, I totally get that you can’t just spill your life story on your homepage.  And you’d rather watch old instructional videos of Phillip Zimbardo (remember him?) than sound salesy or fake.

Pssst! Want to check I’m legit? Here’s my private practice website.

2) I love writing.    

When I was 14, my parents upgraded to a fancy Dell computer with a *gasp* CD-ROM drive.  Our older computer–a ’90s PC that weighed as much as a small dog–was relegated to my room so I could write stories during the endless Alaskan winters.  I’m sure I still have a 5.25 inch floppy disk of my stories somewhere.  (But, let’s NOT find those, shall we?) 

Even though my current tool of choice is a MacBook, I still find myself going into a zen-like trance whenever I really enjoy what I’m writing. Ultimately, what might feel agonizing for you brings me a profound sense of joy and purpose.

3) I’m kind of a #copynerd.

I don’t just love writing.  I love *copywriting*.  (Hint: That’s the type of writing that is meant to inspire the reader to take action or feel connected to you.)

Not to mention, I have a weird fascination with copywriting courses and podcasts. Especially when they are interviewing my copywriting idols, like Laura Belgray.

I’m constantly practicing what I learn on my website, blogs and social media posts.  I stay up to date on the latest trends and tips on copywriting so you don’t have to.

4) I believe in what you do. 

In an ideal world, you do good work and that fills your caseload. Voila.

In 2020, that’s just not how it works.

In order to attract clients, you need some level of an online presence.  And if you’re gonna be online, you need copy that can convey your personality and passion in a way your clients will respond to.

I want to write for you so that you can continue to do that life-changing work with clients.

It’s time to ditch the writer’s block.
I’m ready to invest in high quality copy for my business.



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