Copy Audits

Is your copy workin’ hard?

Or hardly working?

Unsure if your copy is hitting or missing the mark?
Questioning if your copy is optimized for your ideal client?
Need pointers to bring more personality + pizazz to your writing?

Time for a copy audit, my friend.

How do Copy Audits work?

  1. Schedule your (FREE) 25-min exploration call. We’ll talk about your biz, identify your current copy struggles and decide the scope of working together.
  2. Decide if you want an audit (purely feedback), editing (some hands-on magic) or more in-depth support.
  3. You’ll send me the copy (home page, flyer, PT profile, bio, etc) you want to be reviewed.
  4. I’ll audit your copy within our agreed-upon timeline.  I’ll send you a document with the recommendations.
  5. Once the audit is complete, you’ll schedule a coaching call to discuss the feedback and ask any follow-up questions.
  6. On your own time, you implement the recommendations to get your copy workin’ hard for you.

It’s like therapy…but for your copy.

With my 15+ point Copy Clarity Checklist as a guide, I go through your copy with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you’re:

  • Speaking to your ideal client and target niche.
  • Naming and properly agitating your client’s pain points.
  • Maximizing your personality and voice in your writing.
  • Demonstrating your expertise and passion while maintaining approachability.
  • Making it easy for clients to know if you’re the right fit.
  • Keeping it real and to the point.
  • Connecting the dots between your client’s struggles and your services.
  • Limiting the use of clinical jargon, cliches, and overused self-help phrases.
  • Double-checking your copy is visually appealing and flows well for the reader.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the depth and scope of the copy and our work together.  We discuss pricing on our exploration call.

Can’t I just do this on my own?

You can! In 2020, my Copy Clarity Checklist will be one of my gifts to my mailing list. With it, you’ll review your copy on your own time and dime.  Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know.

Even if you “know” what to do, there’s no guarantee your copy is rockin’.

We can’t see our own blindspots – especially in writing persuasive copy.

Once you stare at something for so long, you don’t know what’s good or bad anymore.

You need an outside perspective to draw out your creative side, give detailed feedback, and show you the way.

Why wait? 

If your copy isn’t drawing in ideal clients, your business is missing out.

I’m ready for my personalized copy audit