An Open Letter to Sensitive Therapists With Money Shame

I see you.

You are empathic, creative, and intuitive.  You’re known for your keen insight and ability to anticipate other’s needs.  You remember dial-up internet, Myspace, and a time before smartphones.

You feel the world as deeply as an abyss. You experience emotions as bundles.  Joy and grief.  Sadness and bliss. Beauty and loss.  Sometimes you want to explode into a thousand pieces because life feels so exquisite and empty at the same time.

This is your first time in private practice. Or perhaps it’s your second go-around because the first didn’t pan out.  Either way, you feel the crushing importance to make this business work.   Continue reading “An Open Letter to Sensitive Therapists With Money Shame”

7 Signs of Money Trauma (And How It’s Messing Up Your Practice)

As a sensitive therapist, there is nothing like running a business to bring up every single unresolved issue around money.

You think deeply about the financial aspects of your practice and personal life. Money is about so much more than money– it’s about worth, power, privilege, shame, and fear. 

Continue reading “7 Signs of Money Trauma (And How It’s Messing Up Your Practice)”