To Have, But Not To Hold: Capture Your Ideas + Combat Writer’s Block

I’m an aspiring minimalist at heart.

I love watching the tiny home documentaries.

I embrace a capsule wardrobe.

I crave white space and uncluttered countertops.

But There are 3 areas where I fail at “less is more”:

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Why I’m Embracing Microblogging During COVID-19 (And You Can, Too.)

During COVID, everything is shorter.

Well, not everything:

This weekend, I was in line at a Starbucks drive-thru, my dog panting in my back seat. (It’s what I call ‘going out’ these days.)

The line wrapped around the parking lot and into the side street, blocking traffic.

People were pissed. They wanted their coffee. They wanted to make a left turn.  Tale as old as time.

Yes, lines are longer, but most things are shorter: our time, our attention span, even our tempers.

As therapists, our focus and productivity isn’t what they used to be.

But we still need to keep the doors open. (Figuratively, of course.)

You know you need to continue creating content that adds value and engages your current or potential clients.

Yet, the thought of sitting down to write and edit a super long blog post just sounds agonizing.  (Although, if you want to, this will help.)

There’s a solution: Microblogging.

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Marketing Mindset: How to Feel More Comfortable Being Seen

When it comes to marketing, it feels like everyone makes it look so easy.

Self-promotion or having to “sell yourself” makes you feel like a fish out of water – and just as slimy as one, too.

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I Broke Up With My To-Do List

I’m obsessed with to-do lists.  My brain chemistry rewards me for crossing tasks off my list.  Even shit I’ve already done. My brain doesn’t know the difference. 

The calm of a neatly written list. The feel of my pilot pen gliding across the page. The sense of completion when a task is complete.

It’s bliss.

Yet, there’s one area where my to-do list fails me: 

Writing for my business.

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The Paradox of Private Practice for Sensitive Therapists

“What is one thing you wish you had been told before going into private practice?”

This question was asked of me earlier this week by a graduate student in a local counseling program.  She interviewed me about being a therapist and why I decided to go into private practice.  While my story is nothing new to you, the conversation with this student got my wheels turning about what exactly drives sensitive therapists into private practice and the unexpected challenges we face once we are in the thick of it.

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