Dear Therapists, Have You Outgrown Your Copy?

As a kid, I was part of a lip-syncing garage band.

I use the term “band” very loosely.

Our dads were actual musicians, so to say we were a true music ensemble feels a tad irresponsible.  Nevertheless, we used our dads’ back up guitars, drum set, and mic as props to give the illusion we actually knew what we were doing.

Deeply entrenched in 90’s culture, our band was aptly named The Kidz. Imagine a cardboard sign, block letters in red sharpie, uneven eyeliner, all filmed on a shaky camcorder. We won on commitment, not creativity. Continue reading “Dear Therapists, Have You Outgrown Your Copy?”

Why I’m Embracing Microblogging During COVID-19 (And You Can, Too.)

During COVID, everything is shorter.

Well, not everything:

This weekend, I was in line at a Starbucks drive-thru, my dog panting in my back seat. (It’s what I call ‘going out’ these days.)

The line wrapped around the parking lot and into the side street, blocking traffic.

People were pissed. They wanted their coffee. They wanted to make a left turn.  Tale as old as time.

Yes, lines are longer, but most things are shorter: our time, our attention span, even our tempers.

As therapists, our focus and productivity isn’t what they used to be.

But we still need to keep the doors open. (Figuratively, of course.)

You know you need to continue creating content that adds value and engages your current or potential clients.

Yet, the thought of sitting down to write and edit a super long blog post just sounds agonizing.  (Although, if you want to, this will help.)

There’s a solution: Microblogging.

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3 Unexpected Business Lessons From Hazel’s First Vet Visit

As healing professionals without a “formal” business education, we can feel behind the curve when it comes to starting and running a private practice.

While there is true value in solid business training, there’s real-life biz school all around you.

This point hit home for me earlier this month during Hazel’s unexpected (semi-emergency) trip to the vet.

A little back story:

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Storytelling: Your Secret Weapon for Instant Connection

Last Sunday, I arrived home at 1:30am to hungry cats and an empty house.
I had just returned from a trip to Alaska to see my family.
It *could* be the extra caffeine I’m guzzling to counteract jet lag…but I have been on a high ever since I got back.   

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