I Broke Up With My To-Do List

I’m obsessed with to-do lists.  My brain chemistry rewards me for crossing tasks off my list.  Even shit I’ve already done. My brain doesn’t know the difference. 

The calm of a neatly written list. The feel of my pilot pen gliding across the page. The sense of completion when a task is complete.

It’s bliss.

Yet, there’s one area where my to-do list fails me: 

Writing for my business.

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3 Play-It-Safe Writing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

When it came time to write your website, you knew there was only one way to do it: complete and utter immersion.

Armed with a bottomless mug of decaf Earl Grey and notes from your niching exercises, you enter your writing weekend with the same fierce devotion as Lesley Knope to Ann Perkins.

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7 Ways To Spend A Snow Day (Besides Doing Notes)

When you worked for an agency or non-profit, snow days were a beloved day of rest.  You would sleepily check your email at 5am to see if you had to go into work.  After refreshing your email for the 50th time, you’d breathe a sigh of relief to get the great news: you had a cherished day off to work from home, spend with your kids, or just relax.

Oh, how times have changed now that you are your own #boss (or working towards it).  Most entrepreneurs I know do not celebrate snow days.  It’s hard to not focus on the lost wages that come with canceled sessions.   If you have a full schedule, it can be a headache to get everyone rescheduled.  Virtual sessions are a good alternative, but you may not feel comfortable with that medium, or it may not work for your clients (especially kids). Continue reading “7 Ways To Spend A Snow Day (Besides Doing Notes)”

The Paradox of Private Practice for Sensitive Therapists

“What is one thing you wish you had been told before going into private practice?”

This question was asked of me earlier this week by a graduate student in a local counseling program.  She interviewed me about being a therapist and why I decided to go into private practice.  While my story is nothing new to you, the conversation with this student got my wheels turning about what exactly drives sensitive therapists into private practice and the unexpected challenges we face once we are in the thick of it.

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