3 Unexpected Business Lessons From Hazel’s First Vet Visit

As healing professionals without a “formal” business education, we can feel behind the curve when it comes to starting and running a private practice.

While there is true value in solid business training, there’s real-life biz school all around you.

This point hit home for me earlier this month during Hazel’s unexpected (semi-emergency) trip to the vet.

A little back story:

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How To Charge Full Fee For Your Services

Money is a loaded topic for most therapists and healers.

Whenever I find myself in spaces with other therapists and healers, and the topic of *money* comes up, the shift in the room is palpable.

Everyone straightens up a little bit more.  Gets a little more observant of what others are saying.  There’s a tightness in everyone’s voice.  I’ve totally been there.

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Marketing Mindset: How to Feel More Comfortable Being Seen

When it comes to marketing, it feels like everyone makes it look so easy.

Self-promotion or having to “sell yourself” makes you feel like a fish out of water – and just as slimy as one, too.

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Storytelling: Your Secret Weapon for Instant Connection

Last Sunday, my partner and I arrived home at 1:30am to hungry cats and an empty house.
We had just returned from a trip to Alaska to see my family.
It *could* be the extra caffeine I’m guzzling to counteract jet lag…but I have been on a high ever since I got back.   

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